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The Century Club of Xtreme Difficulty Award
XD Century Club

The CCXD Award

Here is an award for the Globe trotting Dxpeditioner. For those who have helped so many to achieve DXCC, there is now the opportunity to achieve the ultimate accolade, membership of the most prestigious and exclusive club in Amateur Radio - CCXD – The Century Club of eXtreme Difficulty.

It is no coincidence that CCXD is DXCC in reverse. To achieve DXCC you need to work 100 countries from your home country. To achieve CCXD you need to work your home country from 100 DX countries.

At the time of writing, no applications have been received. Certificate number 1 is awaiting presentation. Will you be the first to receive this honour?

Rules of the CCXD Award

1) There are no time limits on the QSOs which form part of the claim. QSOs can date back to the earliest days of Amateur radio.

2) QSOs can be on any authorized band.

3) QSOs must be CW or Phone. Other modes are not acceptable.

4) The QSOs must have been made personally by the claimant. QSOs made by other members of the DXpedition are not acceptable. QSOs made by remote operation of any station are not acceptable.

5) The “home” country may be any country of which the claimant has been resident.

6) QSOs from countries that were DXCC countries at the time of the QSO will be accepted, even though that country may have been deleted at a subsequent date.

7) The Awards Committee reserves the right to determine if any operation is legitimate. However it can generally be assumed that if any operation has been accepted by the ARRL for DXCC purposes, then that same operation will also be valid for CCXD.

8) The Awards Committee will require documentary proof of the 100 QSOs, in the form of original QSL cards from operators in the home country, plus a copy of a QSL card (not necessarily for the same QSO) from each country of operation.

9) Applications and supporting documentation should be sent to:-
The Awards Manager, P.O. Box 1285, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia 4510.
Remember to include sufficient postage for the return of supporting documentation; otherwise there is no fee for each application.

10) All operation must have been conducted in a manner compatible with the highest standards of Amateur Radio, in honesty, integrity and comradeship. A signed statement to this effect should accompany each application.

The President, Awards Manager, Members of the Awards Committee, and all members of the Caboolture Radio Club, wish you the best of luck in competing for this most prestigious of awards.

Roger Crofts, VK4YB
Awards Manager